AAX​-​015 : Herald the Harbinger of Impending Acoustics, the Horseman who Revived Organic Institutions

by Hail Architeuthis!

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Originally released on Auris Apothecary 2010 CE.
Catalog #AAX-015 - CD/C18 boxset

More information regarding the physical version: www.AurisApothecary.org/AAX-015.html


Packaged in reel boxes with two color schemes of silkscreened art containing literature scroll, cd and cassette.


Limited to 150 copies - 65 blue / 85 grey


released April 20, 2010



all rights reserved


Hail Architeuthis! Bloomington, Indiana

With an emphasis on exploring variations of musical extremes by enlisting every attainable audio frequency, Hail Architeuthis! aims to overwhelm the listener both visually and audibly with an excess of acoustic and electronically-amplified instruments and manipulation devices where the theatrically-layered dynamics of classical arise from beneath walls of ear-shattering harmonized feedback. ... more

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Track Name: Proclamations Designating the Birth of Innovation
Proclamations designating the birth of innovation, take heed!

Through synthetics we have climbed, creating intangible truths. We must revert back to the natural order.
Track Name: Psalms Rejoicing the Salt-Water Grave
Humans will never stray from the path of least resistance;
Helpless creatures destined for the womb.

Psalms rejoicing the salt-water grave. Amen.
Track Name: Harmony Triumvirate with the Devil
This is your harmony triumvirate with the Devil.

We bring about our own end! We bring about our own end!

Devastate and destroy what we have not worked for to ensure our fucking end.
Track Name: Prologue : Mors Humanitas
In a time archaic and perilous due to delusions of material necessity, one soul viewed the ways things COULD BE instead of as they WERE.
Thus initiated the beginning of the end.
Track Name: Air: Sporastic Tolling Bells
Outside the walls of constructed boundaries, where order is determined not to conceived ideas; to the fields and streams of sacred grounds.
The vision of rebirth floating like mist through the AIR...
Track Name: Earth: Impending Thunderous Roar
Across desolate landscapes and cities deconstructed; charcoal skies overhead, atmospheres of doom linger like fog over the decomposing aura of a swamp. The core of the EARTH rumbling to signal imminent demise...
Track Name: Sea: Subterranean Oceanic Cemetary
Damnation rising in the final crescendo as pummeling waves crash down, a symphony of enlightenment turns into an all-encompassing sheet of sound. A most worthy grave to eternally rest; the blackened depths of the SEA.
Track Name: Void: Society's Infernal Holocaust
Distant hallowed screams plague canyons of the abyss, the fiery glow of flesh and mineral burned from the surface up.
A self-destructing VOID consumes all within it...
Track Name: Epilogue: Renavatio Naturae
As eras passed, so too did the topsoil churn and the ground REBUILD, the ashes of man-made failure fertilizing the ever-expanding growth.
A new chapter in the history of NATURE unfolds.